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1) I am very sensitive. I grew up believing that my sensitivity was a burden. 

I was told I was too sensitive, moody and shouldn't take things so personally. Since then, I have learned that I am an empath and sensitivity is a beautiful gift!

2) I love to sing and dance. I auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club when I was 14 years old. I didn't make it (obviously) but the show didn't seem to work out too well for Brittany, Justin or Christina, so it's all good. 

3) I love learning about personal development, psychology and sociology. 

Most days I listen to inspiring podcasts or read nonfiction. I am fascinated by human behavior and why we do the things we do. 

4) I love to make people laugh. My daughter's tell me that two of my greatest qualities are that I am funny and I'm good at finding things. 

5) I love hiking mountains, walking trails and hate cities. My idea of a perfect day includes a long walk or hike in nature. It is mental exercise more than physical for me. I can work out any issues I'm facing and brainstorm solutions while I walk. 


6)  I have a terrible sense of direction. My family members think it's pretty hysterical how many times I get lost. Google maps has changed my life. 

7) I love teen fiction and teen movies. In contrast to the psychology books I love to read, I also love to read anything with a good teen love story. Twilight is my favorite book of all time.

8) I am a neat freakA place for everything and everything in its place makes for a happy life. 

9) I love being near water. Water is very calming for me. My favorite times are at the beach or lake.

10) I am an extrovert with strong introvert qualities. I love talking to people and find it easy to make conversation but I prefer 1-1 interactions and need time alone. This makes me feel like a bit of an outcast because I don't have a natural comfort level with large groups of people. 

11) I make a mean flourless chocolate cake. I love desserts and will purposely not finish my dinner to save room.

12) I wrote a book. Publishing my eBook Creating Calm in the Chaos of Divorce was a huge accomplishment for me. 

Regina's Bio

Regina DuBois is a life coach and writer living in Connecticut with her 2 daughters. She teaches clients how to shift their thinking to increase peace in their lives. Regina published her first book, Creating Calm in the Chaos of Divorce

Regina has a bachelors in Marketing, and is a Certified Professional Coach from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and holds a Certification in Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. 



"Coaching with Regina is nothing short of an eye opening experience!  Regina is very intuitive, supportive and inspiring.  She has the gift of helping me create awareness that I didn't know was there.  After each session I felt motivated and excited to move forward towards my goal.  Regina's coaching style is the perfect combination of inspiration and getting me out of my comfort zone so I can move towards creating the life of my dreams!" - Christine R.

“Regina was my peer coach over 12 sessions as part of our iPEC training, as a coach Regina is thoughtful, insightful, and caring, she helped me uncover my own answers for dealing with my family issues and she held me accountable for achieving my desired results.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Regina and would highly recommend her if you are looking to make positive changes in your life.”- Dan P. parent of four young adults.

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