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A girl who has positive self-talk, who knows and appreciates her

strengths and values, and who is

positive and grateful,

is a girl who has a strong foundation in place for a

successful and happy future.

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The Butterfly Program is a course which teaches middle school girls how to

build confidence, manage stress, navigate friendships and strengthen resilience.

There are 6 Classes in The Butterfly Program.


Class 1 & Class 2


Self Confidence Inside

1) Strengths/Values 2) Negative Self-Talk 3) Grit 4) Optimism/Gratitude 

Self Confidence Outside

1) Body Image 2) Healthy Habits 3) Body Language 4) Comparison Traps (Social Media)


Class 3 & Class 4

Managing Stress

1) Breathing 2) Perfectionism 3) Worry 4) Stop and Swap

Class 5 & Class 6


1) Friends 2) Mean Girls 3) Boys 4) Family

My quest for teaching self-confidence began when my daughters reached the age when my negative self-talk started to show up —in middle school. I noticed some of my daughter's friends making negative comments about themselves. I could remember making similar comments about myself, when I was their age. Having decades of perspective made my heart truly ache for these young girls. I remember very clearly the intensity of those awful feelings towards myself and I am passionate to help young girls by teaching them all I have learned.

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