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Divorce Transition System

Divorce is stressful 

It is one of the most stressful situations someone can experience


On top of  stress you might feel

Hopeless because you don't know the path toward your future


Isolation because all of a sudden you feel very different from your married  friends


Sadness because you are grieving the loss of a relationship


Feeling lost because you don't know where you fit in


Lonely because you miss your kids


Resentful and insecure because of infidelity


Disappointed because friends you had for years have taken your ex's side

I've been there

I've felt lost, hopeless and sad



More than anything I was confused

I didn't know how or what to do to move forward in a healthy way

You don't have to go through all of that 

I can help you transition through this difficult time

The Divorce Transition System is uniquely designed for you

My system covers the most fundamental aspects of transition

I will guide you through a clear 4 Step Process 

You will learn skills to transition in a healthy way

It will leave you feeling HAPPY and HOPEFUL 


​Feeling hopeful about your future because you so many things to look forward to

Feeling more connected to your friends than ever because of a strengthened bond

Acceptance of why the relationship didn't work out

Anger has dissipated

Something comes up with your child, and you have no hesitation texting your ex because there is no drama

When someone asks if you are married you say, "No, divorced" and don't worry about their potential judgement

Being in your house without your kids and not missing them so much it hurts

​Working together with your ex to co-parent your children without resentment or bitterness

Being able to constantly appreciate the good in all situations

Feeling better about yourself than you have ever have before

Having more patience with your children so you can truly enjoying your time with them 

Not having guilt over how the tension with your ex will affect your children

This can be your life

You can feel all of those things

How do I know?

Because I am just like you 

We are no different

There are some skills you need to learn

Some strategies we will try out

It's simple but it's not easy

But it is totally worth it for the happiness and peace it will bring you

Still not sure about coaching?

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