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Why You Should Work With Me

There are beliefs that we all have about ourselves and our potential in this life in our subconscious minds that we aren't aware of that keep us from living a life that is really happy and fulfilling. Those beliefs dictate our thoughts, so no matter what happens in our lives on the outside, those thoughts (meaning our lives) won't change until we bring them to light.

Two things happen simultaneously because of these limiting beliefs. We hold ourselves back from being truly great because somewhere deep inside of us we don't believe we are. Even when we accomplish amazing things, most of us feel like an imposter and like there is something we could have done better, in essence that we still aren't good enough.

The other thing that happens, on a vibrational level, is that we stay in a lower energy vibration and don't attract to us all the things in life that we truly deserve. We accept much less than we deserve. And we think that is all that there is because we haven't seen anything different.

The tricky thing about these thoughts is that they are so ingrained in our wiring and so subtle it takes a little bit of work and digging to uncover them. The other tricky thing is that most of the people walking around on this planet are walking around in this lower level of energy. When you complain to a friend about your situation in which you are feeling like a victim in one way or another, or blaming someone else for your unhappiness, they are likely to also be in a victim state in their own lives and won't be able to help you shift your perspective and probe to ask the right questions.

Working with a coach on these limiting beliefs is a great way to help you change your thinking and therefore your life. We can't change what we aren't aware of is a problem. This is probably why nothing has worked in the past to help you feel better. Outside circumstances only bring fleeting happiness but we all end up at our natural resting point of satisfaction with our lives because of the thoughts that we have been thinking our entire lives.

I am an empath and have so much compassion for others who feel negatively about themselves. When someone confides in me that they have any amount of self-doubt, self-negativity or worst of all, self-hatred, I have a strong passion to help them feel better.

I have overcome my own negative beliefs which had kept me stuck, convinced that there wasn't anything better in life because I didn't believe I was truly deserving. I can help you do the same if you are feeling like it's time for a real and lasting change in your life.

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