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What is coaching?
Coaching can be very esoteric and difficult to define.
The easiest way to explain what a typical life coach does is to say a coach closes the gap from where you are to where you want to be. 
Most coaches choose a very specific niche and say they "help x client get x result".
How is your approach to coaching different?

The biggest misconception in my industry is that life coaching is only for; wealthy housewives, high-level executives, people with clear defined goals, weight loss, making a career change or obtaining financial freedom.

Life coaching has the power to help in your everyday life

I have seen over and over again the amazing benefit that coaching can bring.

We aren’t taught communication skills or social-emotional skills, so when something happens in life, we feel ill equipped in our ability to handle delicate situations.

Coaching can help:

  • Prepare for a difficult conversation

  • Ease tension after a difficult conversation

  • Gain perspective about a situation that the individual is too close to see

  • Guidance with parental struggles

  • Responding to drama-filled emails/texts

  • Dealing with difficult family members

As a coach, I listen deeply. That means I listen to what you are saying and what you aren’t saying. I validate you. I don’t give advice, I don’t judge. I just ask insightful, empowering, open-ended questions.

Coaching is not something that is only needed for very specific situations or very specific people.  


Everyone can benefit from a life coach.

Why should I hire you?
You will not find anyone else who will: believe in you as much as I will believe in you, provide you with the most intuitive listening you've ever experienced, make you feel completely comfortable and never judged, feel as understood and validated as I will make you feel. 
Why should I do this now?
Something brought you to my website today. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. You have sought life coaching out for a reason, you are halfway there. 
How can I find out more before I decide?
I offer 10 minute complimentary sessions. You need to decide if you think I am a good fit for you and if what I have to offer will be valuable and worth your time and money. 
The strategies I offer you will become your superpower of being able to manage your emotions, and see all situations with optimistic eyes.
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